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Ghana Innovation Farm

Typology: Industrial Architecture
Organiser: Young Architects Competition and Manni Group
Site: Ghana, West Africa
Year: 2022

Ghana Innovation Farm Overall View
Ghana Innovation Farm Masterplan

The project draws inspiration from compound houses, four single-room houses surrounding a central courtyard.

Similarly, this farm masterplan organises its four buildings around a forest garden and central pond, offering a single entrance and exit for the visitors of the centre. 

"Learning from the past" is the simple message of Ghana’s innovative farms. As such, the theme is celebrated in the design of playful façades which employ cut-out symbols in an iconic display to celebrate the roots of golden African agriculture. 

These symbols are cut out from the innovative customised ISOPAN ADDWIND panel. The cut-outs are then repurposed as tables and chairs for the outdoor areas. Further, the building employs mud, local timber, the MANNI Sipre structural steelwork and a modular thatched roof.

Ghana Innovation Farm Classroom View
Ghana Innovation Farm Facade View

The architecture aims to provide a precedent that can be replicated for future constructions, in order to become in the future the past example from which we want to learn from. 

Ghana Innovation Farm Overall View
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